Thursday, October 28, 2010


Looking unlikely these guys will come on their own. Little mama's boys is what we have here. Should I be concerned?

Thanks for all the tips and sympathy!

After a week of trying everything we could, I'm officially dilated to negative centimeters. Nothing movin.

My c-section is scheduled for Wednesday, November 10th @ noon so at least there's a light at the end of the tunnel. So if not before then - see you all in 13 days with some baby news!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Went to the doctor today with high hopes of setting a date for the c section only to be disappointed to hear that she wants me to be pregnant for the rest of my life.

She won't take them out until 39 weeks - Nov. 10th - which at this point feels like a lifetime away.

Went to the hospital for a non-stress test after my appointment and the nurse there told me that was just plain mean to make me wait that long. Can't say I disagree.

In the meantime, here is the cute nursery! All ready for the boys to make their arrival. (Thanks to Emily for the adorable name signs!!!)

Any tips that have worked for you in getting babies out sooner?

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Asian women love Brian.

It's a fact.

You would think that this would be because of his killer Mandarin skills, but believe it or not, these pursuers don't even know he speaks Chinese when they try to make their move.

It always happens on the bus that takes him to and from work everyday - otherwise known as "Big Blue."

My favorite part is that it's always in note form.

See Exhibit A:
If he would have let me keep the other notes from the other Asian women in the past, you would be able to see that this is not a one time occurrence but I guess you'll just have to believe me. The girl before Exhibit A asked to borrow a pen and then used said pen to write him a love note and then returned the 2 together. Very smooth.

My other favorite part is that they don't ever give him a phone number or even follow up with a smile. Maybe they see he's married and just want him to know how cute he is? Maybe they're too shy to be any bolder than the note and hope he makes the next move before their stop? Why are they all Asian? Is this note form cultural or coincidental?

Or maybe the most logical of all assumptions, Brian writes these notes to himself.

So many questions - so few answers - but these notes bring me ridiculous amounts of joy. Here's hoping another one is not too far in the future.

Thanks for being faithful, love. I know you're very desirable and admired by many.


Dear Doctor,

When discussing the c-section I will likely be having for my breech babies, please do not refer to it as VIOLENT. Thanks but no thanks. I'd like to sign up for the non-violent version.

I would venture to guess that most mothers-to-be would prefer another term... perhaps try saying a breech c-section is a bit "trickier" or takes a little more "maneuvering."

Pretty much ANYTHING else.

Ali, Brian, and the ones soon to be ripped VIOLENTLY from my body


Someone at Brian's office referred to him as the Chinese-speakin, burrito-eatin white man the other day and I can think of few nicknames I like more. Kind of a mouthful but I'm hoping it sticks.

So much pregnancy talk on here that Brian hasn't gotten much face time on the blog.

Here are some of the things that have been keeping Brian busy over the past few months:

Brian's friends play what they call the Sunrise Nine about twice a month. This is a very official golf group, they wake up before anyone should be up on a Saturday and have "tour stops," an official newsletter, and all their points add up so at the end of the tour there will be one winner. I just tried for about 15 minutes to find a better way to describe this group and how involved it is but I failed so I'll leave it at that.

I will say Brian has been on the winning team of 2 of the majors and just shot his best round of golf last week. Few things make this man happier than a good golf day.
SOFTBALL (ALMOST) CHAMPIONBrian's been playing softball on a city league for 5 years. The Albright team battled it out this year and in the championship series, went 1-1 before losing in the final game. So close.

It has been so fun watching him play over the years and I'm sad to say he's calling it quits for a while. I'm guessing he'll miss it soon and we'll end up at the batting cages pretty often. I could use the practice so that's fine by me.


Of course, of all his activities this summer, he's been spending most of his time playing the role of loving husband and soon to be father. He has been to every single doctor's appointment (and believe me when I say there have been about a million). He's been so good to me - which is nothing new, but very appreciated - and does whatever he can to take care of the 3 of us. Love this guy!!!


Check out these sweet tree stumps that used to be my legs. My hands, feet and belly are all retaining water like crazy. Sure it hurts, but it's also pretty cool. One finger of pressure on any of these body parts and I can make indents. It's like having Silly Putty for limbs!Ow ow! Sexy mama! You can see the indent on my leg in the last one where I put some pressure on my calf. Doesn't do the real thing justice but just to give you some idea. =)


Why do male grocery store baggers consistently find new ways to tell me how huge I am? My good-natured smile is wearing thin. One asked if I was having triplets. Another told me not to go too far from my cart. What does that even mean?? Yeah, for the next couple weeks, I think I’ll stick to the pump station, a store where everyone in there is pregnant and finds just about any opportunity to compliment the other women in the store. I think I’ll set up shop there for the next little while and just soak in all the love.


I haven’t posted in a while in hopes that everyone would think I still looked only 21 weeks pregnant. Unfortunately, that is very much not the case. Here are some of my preggo pictures so you can see my growing belly and how it’s progressed.21 weeks

22.5 weeks (apparently feeling huge)

28 weeks - the only bare belly shot I'll make you witness

32 weeks

33.5 weeks - how fake does that look??

Rear view - 35 weeks

That takes you to today! 35 weeks, 1 day pregnant. The side shots didn't work out today so I'll get an updated side shot in the next couple days.

Here's the current status of babies & mama:

  • After threatening bed rest pretty much my entire pregnancy, the babies are now cozy as could be. I’m starting to think they will never come out and my doctor has even mentioned taking me to 38.5 wks. KILL ME.
  • Even though I’m ready to be done being this pregnant, I’m honestly incredibly grateful I’ve been able to carry them this long and feel blessed the pregnancy has gone so well.
  • Ultrasounds are now just a mess of arms and legs but they think the babies are about 5 ½ lbs and 6 lbs.
  • Baby A has turned head down after spending 35 weeks breeched and has now dropped. Perhaps this was after he heard if he didn’t flip that his birth would be “violent.” (see upcoming post, Dear Doctor)
  • My belly circumference is 46.5 inches. And that’s in the morning.
  • I can’t sit straight up with my legs together because my belly hits my legs. Have to sit spread eagle and let my belly hang in the middle. It’s very ladylike and as you can imagine, super attractive.
  • Sweatpants and gaucho pants are my new best friends.
  • Just to be cruel, LA decided to have record breaking heat and 2 weeks ago we hit an unheard of 115 degrees. Do I need to remind anyone that we do not have A/C?
  • Despite the heat and cankles and sweatpants and huge belly… I’ve been surprisingly active and able to get a lot done. I went for a long walk along the beach last weekend and saw a girl half my size waddling like a penguin and it made me feel pretty good about my big belly and ability to walk in a straight line.
  • The nursery is as ready as it can be right now and we’re just so excited to get these boys here!!!

Thank you all for your love and support and hopefully we’ll be able to post the birth from the hospital! So close!