Friday, August 6, 2010


Brian and I wanted to take one last trip out to Utah to see family before I had to put my flying wheels down for a while (doc's orders) and stay put in Cali for the rest of my pregnancy. So a few weeks ago we went out and my sister organized an amazing baby shower for me while I was there.

Yummy yummy food
Kate - the cute party planner. Love you sis.The obligatory belly pose - 21 1/2 weeks at this point. And yes the 1/2 is important.
It was so great to have so many people together at the same time!!!
I don't remember but it must have been funny.
My 2 LA BFFs that had both just moved away were both able to be there! So fun!
Miss you girls!

Double belly bump below. My friend Megan just happened to be having her baby shower on that same day - so I went to hers in the morning - she came to mine in the afternoon. My mom obviously wasn't able to make it but she sent a sweet letter to be read and then we jumped on skype with her at the end of the shower for her to say hello to everyone. Here's Carolyn Crawford reading my mom's letter and then Brian chatting with Mama and Papa Swenson in Chile. Who doesn't love technology?? Other than Granny & Grandpa?
This is an outtake. Could've been so cute if Brian had opened his eyes.

Brian's parents drove up from Denver to be there with us for the weekend which was so fun. Especially since Mark & Jenny were out there that week as well. After the shower we went to Texas Roadhouse with Brian's family. Love being a part of this family. Random other photos from our weekend:
Temple Square after going to the Spoken Word
(Seriously - where is my other leg in that picture??)Lil Brudder and Kate looking cute as ever. When did they get so old?Grandpa showing off his new chair.
And finally, Granny and the lifetime supply of frozen jam that she gave us.