Friday, May 20, 2011


Seems like no matter where I put the boys on the floor to play, they always end up tangled up and usually just smiling at each other. Sometimes they love each other a little too much...

But I still think they will be best friends.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Goodbye Santa Monica! We will miss you!!!
Thank you for being so good to us.
We will never forget you.

So we packed our bags and with the help of a lot of friends, we emptied our apartment.
I want to go on the record and say Brian swore this would be the last move we do on our own - gathering friends to help load the truck. Please bless he was telling the truth.

LA has been such a great place for Brian and I that even though I have been ready for more space, seeing our apartment like this had me in full meltdown. I have never been so attached to a place. LA as a city will have a warm fuzzy place in my heart forever.

Brian and I both moved to LA single, ready to start our careers. We both had planned on being other places after graduating but felt strongly that we should be in LA.

Best decision ever.

After almost 6 years, it's the longest I've lived anywhere since leaving Batesville, Indiana when I was 14. I was excited when I moved to LA but I was scared. Ash drove me down and we hit rush hour traffic and I remember thinking - WHAT HAVE I DONE and wanting to run back to anywhere that felt more comfortable.

Luckily LA is easy to fall in love with.

I played at the beach, landed my dream job, made amazing friends, found Brian, got married, had 2 babies and we outgrew our apartment.

So here we are:Texans. =)

We live in a neighborhood called Turtle Cove a
nd we're a block from the lake. Look how pretty!
We moved to Rockwall - a lake community northeast of Dallas. Brian's working downtown which is a half hour commute but it beats the LA hour long bus ride any day. Less Asian women to hit on him, but with every move comes sacrifices right?
We had Brian's parents and my best friend help us get out here (yes it took FIVE people to get all our stuff, cars, + 2 babies to texas) and it was awesome because we ended up being super productive and got the house in good shape. I have no idea how we would have done it all on our own. After a million and 1 trips to Lowe's and all our Saturdays looking like this, we're getting closer.

Thanks to our ward (church group), our next door neighbors and the friendliest strangers I've ever met welcoming us to town - we are quickly feeling right at home.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Ok so a lot of things have gone on for us in the past month. I quit my job at Chiat, we packed our bags and boys for Texas, bought a home... lots of exciting things. But today, the most exciting news is that I have a computer again!!! See, apparently when you quit work they make you give your laptop back. Shocking, I know. So I've been without for months now and my blog and my knowledge of all things outside my 4 walls have suffered because of it. So with my new found power (aka iMac and internet) here are a couple pictures and a promise to be back on here more often now.

Here are the boys in their Sunday best

(Cheat Sheet: Brody in green, Mason in red)