Sunday, June 19, 2011


I know with absolute certainty that I physically and emotionally could not handle raising twins if it weren't for Brian. He is the most incredible father. In fact, I'm sure that's why Heavenly Father sent them to us. He's so fun, so patient, so loving, so involved. He is my rock and their hero. As soon as he's around it's like - Mom who? I hope as they get older they try to be like him in every way.

Happy Father's Day love.

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Dear Brody & Mason,
You have the best dad in the world. Every day he comes home from work and he can't wait to come see you and make you laugh. You save all your best giggles for when he's around. He doesn't even mind if it's time to change diapers. Not even the really stinky ones. Is that love or what? Every day he calls to hear how our day is going and he always tells me how much he misses you. Every single day. He loves you so much and I know that you love him. Be good boys and you will always make him proud.
Love, Mom