Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Ok, so it’s no Ironman, or half marathon or even a 10k, but I completed the 5k Christmas Run this weekend in the pouring rain. Let me preface my results by saying that other than a miracle mile I ran at age 12 at 6:36, my miles have been sitting around 9:00 ever since.

Thanks to my Garmin watch and a recent conversion to early rising, I have been improving my time almost every time I go out. My goal was to ave
rage 8:15 minute miles, which would give me a total time of 25:35.

I am very happy to report that I
came in at 24:16, averaging 7:52/mile.

This put me 7/92 for my age categor
y, 37/463 females, and 141/787 overall.

Big happy face over here.

Krista and I were literally side by side the entire race - with the exact same strides as we came into the finish.

Here I am desperately trying to look tough & ready for the race. Where are the muscles that I am flexing? Oh right, I have none.Stretch it out.
Of course the second we took off our sweatshirts and put away the umbrellas to line up, the rain came on full force.
Here I am jumping to see Brian over the crowd at the start.
Coming into the finish line.
I think this is what death looks like.
Low five?

What a gross day!

What a cute supporter/photographer! Rain and all!

Monday, December 7, 2009


Things I'm grateful for:

every swenson & babcock
great friends
good health
the gospel
Jesus Christ

A simple list but each are huge blessings.

Spent our Thanksgiving holiday in Denver with the Babcocks and had 4 of the 5 brothers (missed you Mark, Jenny, & Liz!).

Here are some of our pictures of our nieces and nephew that we are SO SO glad just moved from San Antonio to Colorado Springs. We're always happy to have family closer.