Monday, November 23, 2009

October's End = Holidays are Here!

I have to hurry up and finish my posts on October so I can officially recognize that we are into holiday season!

I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but Brian gave in to setting up for Christmas already so our house is my own little holiday haven right now. Those pictures will be coming soon.

Back in October, though, we took our 2nd (potentially annual) trip to the Pumpkin Patch. It takes a little while to get there but it's always worth it. We actually finished the corn maze this year! Something to celebrate!Another blessed October event... Brian hit the big 3-1! Birthdays are always the best excuse to eat whatever we want and we took full advantage with a big pancake breakfast, Qdoba lunch (his work friends and I surprised him downtown with a cheesy party - complete with streamers, kazoos and balloons that said Brian) and chicken pot pie for dinner. Yum Yum.

Maybe we should start celebrating half birthdays...

Happy Birthday Baby.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


How long has it been since you've been in a bouncy castle?
Most likely, the answer is "too long."
For my work Halloween party, they set up this huge pirate themed bouncy castle/slide on the basketball court and let a few of us test it out before the kids got here. I'm not kidding when I say I wish I had one in my backyard at all times. Ok, first I guess I would have to wish for a backyard... but you get what I'm saying.

This is Robyn, for those of you who have heard me talk about her. I got to take off my shoes at work (I hate shoes,) get a little exercise in the middle of the day and LAUGHED.
A lot.
Best work day ever.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Who doesn't love dressing up? This year Brian and I went as Johnny Cash & June Carter. Or better yet, Joaquin Phoenix & Reese Witherspoon.
Here are a couple videos with our best impersonations. I would also really like to say that this was Brian's idea to do the singing - he came home one day with Johnny Cash on his ipod and print outs of the lyrics. Just love him.

Brian was a huge hit at the single's ward party we went to. (Don't judge us.) He had multiple requests. This one was a fan favorite though - please excuse the awful camera work! This was meant to be a trial run but it's the only version I have.

Krista & Derek came to play with us dressed as the lovely Marilyn Monroe & smokin James Dean (pun intended). I realized this is my 4th year of Halloweens dressing up with Miss Krista Davis (Funk). Here they are...
Papa Smurf, Smurfette, "The Depression," Juno & Paulie Bleaker
She-Ra & Wonder Woman
Esmeralda, Pocahontas, Pirate Wench