Thursday, March 11, 2010


As many of you know, my parents are in Concepcion serving as mission president and they just suffered a massive 8.8 earthquake with over 200 aftershocks. Thank you all for your concern, love and prayers for my family, the missionaries and the people of Chile.

They are finally back up and running with everything except water and my mom posted this note to her facebook page with some more details. Just wanted to get this out for anyone who hasn't seen it yet:

Day 8, Saturday March 6, 2010...

With the earthquake a week ago Concepcion lost telephone service, electricity, running water, gas, and food in stores (from looting). There was also a curfew from 6pm to 12 noon so they could clean up/fix up the city. They've made great progress. Last night (Day 7) we happily got electricity but no internet. Now internet has arrived and with it our first chance to communicate. But still no running water, which means more buckets carried up and down lots of stairs. But all is well.

I would really rather not be here when the earth rolls up like a scroll. Honestly, how can we ever be prideful when we live on a big ball that can shake its guts out at any moment? So began our Saturday morning around 3:30 am Feb 27. The mission home is a large lovely condominium on the top-6th floor. There is no way to explain how an 8.8 earthquake sounds and feels. It lasted about 3 minutes...the belly of the earth groaning as everything's shaking and dumping and shattering. We made it down the stairs and outside just as the main quake was finishing. The building held like a fortress. I've never been in an earthquake and had seen the devastation in Haiti, so I figured since the building didn't come crashing down maybe this wasn't that big a deal. So I turned to Joe and said, Do you think this will make the news in other countries? Cause I really don't want parents to worry.

So imagine how we felt when we saw the destruction you've all seen on worried for our 156 missionaries and their families. We had an emergency plan that thank sweet heaven worked perfectly, with missionaries meeting at designated chapels. We gratefully and humbly acknowledge the Lord's hand in protecting them so completely. Not one of them has so much as a scratch. All the homes are fine. There was a tsunami and we have many coastal towns in the mission, but water never entered their doors.

One night I sat on my bed, the weight of the worry overwhelming me...what the families and friends must be going through...but then I remembered all those 100s of people were praying for us and these missionaries, and I want you to know we felt those prayers so powerfully every moment of this crisis. And they were answered.

The north and coastal areas were mainly affected. Further south lost power for a day then went on as usual. So hopefully we're stronger for all of this. Lots to do to get ready for a temple.

We love you. Thanks for praying for us. President & Hermana/ Jolene & Joe