Friday, May 28, 2010


For the record, my belly button is already on its way out. At 15 weeks. Poor little guy never stood a chance.

So incredible, so amazing, but also so strange to think I'm growing babies inside me. Not that I'm really doing much of anything, but they're growing with or without me! What a miracle that we can do this!!!

Never in my life did I consider having twins. It wasn't even in the realm of what I thought was possible. After initially being told there was only one, the doctor proceeded to find another heartbeat. We thought she was kidding and until she was able to get both babies on the monitor at the same time, I genuinely thought she was just showing us the same baby from different angles, and she had mistakenly thought this was a different baby. But those 2 little heartbeats didn't lie and Brian and I just stared at each other in disbelief. Every emotion running through us. Shock, excitement, overwhelmed, blessed. My mind started racing with thoughts of 2 crying babies, 2 feedings every 2-3 hours, piles and piles of dirty diapers. Brian's mind went straight to the cash register... 2 kids turning 16 and wanting cars at the same time, 2 kids going to college at the same time...

Our nurse took us aside and told us that she thinks the Lord selects special couples to raise twins and how it's a blessing the Lord has given us. I know she's right about the blessing part and even though I'm pretty sure she was just trying to calm the fear in our eyes, bless her heart because that's exactly what we needed to hear in that moment.

We are BEYOND excited and can't wait for these little guys to get here!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


You know the feeling when you actually take the time to capture a moment and get all the details down and are happy with the outcome (judging by how often I blog, you can see how rare these moments are for me) and then something happens and technology slaps you across the face and deletes everything you've just worked to create? That's what just happened to my twins blog.

So whereas a minute ago my feelings were joy and excitement as I was finally ready to "blog announce" my pregnancy with TWIN BOYS, my feelings are now borderline rage and I just can't bring myself to write it again right now.

But rage or no rage, nothing makes me happier than saying or typing twins and I wonder just how long it'll be before that shock will wear off. Maybe never.

I will say h
ow happy we are and how blessed to be able to tell the world that we have these boys on the way... and will someday in the somewhat near future (expected arrival = mid-late October) we will be responsible for raising these 2 little guys, which is overwhelming but mainly just pure joy.

And I promise something more detailed will be coming soon.

Here's the 15 weeks and growing belly bump proof.