Monday, June 28, 2010


How many pictures is too many? Apparently when you're staying in Hawaii, there is no such thing. Please do not be overwhelmed by the ridiculous amount of photos here.
Brian and I "babymooned" in Maui for our 2nd year anniversary. We've heard a lot of hype over Maui and I have to say, it did not disappoint. Here are our millions of pictures and a few stories about our time there.
Finally off any exercise restrictions for the first time in 7 weeks, we took a gentle hike out to the northern most point of the island to see spouting horn. Actually that's the name of the one in Kauai. This one is something like Blow Hole. Don't quote me on that.

It's where the water from the ocean crashes in the rock and then shoots straight up into the air. These 2 fools are staring directly into the blow hole.
Road to Hana
We left early one morning to get a full day of Hana in. The road is insanely windy and slow but the views are gorgeous and there are tons of waterfalls along the way.
And these cool old bridges.And a black sand beach
This is pretty much what I see the entire trip:
In that one he's even holding his breath to keep himself from moving the camera.

More Road to Hana - this was a really sweet and uncrowded pool - Maybe Venus Pools? Do you like how we got all our adventure on this trip by watching other people do crazy things?
This is about as crazy as I got on the trip:On to the Seven Sacred Pools
They say some days you can see people jump off the bridge into the first pool, and then cliff jump their way down all the pools.
Apparently my lack of belly in my San Fran post had some people confused. That trip was early May so I was only 12 weeks along at that point. This Maui trip, I was 17 weeks along so you can see the belly much more. I have some bikini photos in which it's out in full force, but I'll spared you from that sight. I was not quite as kind to the guests of our hotel. After that gorgeous Road to Hana, we found ourselves on the complete opposite side of the island from where we were staying. Instead of turning around, we completed the loop and hit this road. For 3+ hours we bumped along this awful road with no view.After a long long day on the road, and only 20 miles away from our hotel, we were rewarded with this:
Road to Hana had turned into the Highway to Hell. Maui caught on fire and literally burned all day while we were gone. Took us 3 more hours to go 2 miles and there were flames on either side of us, literally feet from the highway.

The next day we took a break from the car to beach it/hang by the pool.
After a day at the pool, we were ready for some more driving and decided to go watch the sunrise at the summit of the volcano - Haleakala Crater.

Oh yeah - this is AM.

I have never been in stronger winds in my life. 60-70mph winds and a cold that threatened to take away every good warm thing about Hawaii.Luckily Brian's a genius and packed up our hotel comforter in one of our suitcases for an easy escape past the front desk.

I was a happy little burrito.
More Maui fun. Snorkeling at Molokini Crater - you can see forever out there! Best snorkeling I've ever done.

Coming home, I had a bad case of the PVBs (Post Vacation Blues). We miss you Maui!

Friday, June 25, 2010


In between morning sickness and back pain, Brian and I have tried to get as much fun in as we can before these little guys arrive.

We finally took a trip up to San Francisco to visit Ashley and Ch
ristine (Two of our best friends in the world. Yes, I said OUR, even though Ashley was originally mine, and Christine, Brian's. What can I say, we married into more than just good families.) Anyway, we've been talking about it for almost 2 years, so I was ecstatic to finally be there.

We saw the city by boat and a lot by car and I can offic
ially confirm now, San Francisco is so pretty!!!

This is the captain of our sailing trip under the Golden Gate Bridge. How amazingly captain-y looking is he???
The wind out on the water was OUT OF CONTROL. Brian fearlessly walked across the front of the boat without holding onto anything but when I went to follow him, I got stuck in the wind halfway across and couldn't move. Paralyzed on the spot, I thought I was going to have to hit the deck and crawl my pathetic butt back to the side. Can you imagine a pregnant woman army crawling on the front of a boat??

How embarrassing.

Luckily some friendly strangers formed an assembly line of hands to help usher me across. Brian, completely oblivious to my near tragic crossing, just smiled and took more pictures.

Not that I'm complaining. Thanks to him we have these...
And thanks to the wind, he had this...
Luckily the babies played nice and let me enjoy the road trip, boat ride and the rest of the weekend.
I can't believe the boys didn't think this would look cute. Who needs boys. We'll show them how it's done.
After the weekend in the city, we spent Monday with Christine in Palo Alto. Christine is taking a leave of absence (GENIUS) so she was able to be our tour guide all day.

The majority of our day was spent at Stanford under these amazingly huge umbrellas.
Thanks for a fabulous weekend girls! We love you!