Friday, February 20, 2009

HORSE, Pink's & the Super Bowl

This is a total catch up blog where I throw all the pictures I haven't blogged about up here in one big mess. I can promise you one thing... more pictures - less words. At least on this post.

We had a fun and busy January - if I took more pictures then I would share more stories about our adventures, but for now, I'll keep it to this.

Here are some pictures of a game of "Gummi Bear HORSE" being played by Brian and some of our friends in the ward. Very similar to basketball HORSE but the ball is the gummi bear and the basket is your mouth. Oddly enough after every conceivable attempted "basket," the toughest shot to make was a simple toss with a YELLOW gummi bear. The guys couldn't see it until it hit them in the face... too light of a color I guess. It was VERY entertaining to watch.
Chris was attempting the catapult gummi bear and fork technique. He looks focused but was unsuccessful.Brian's tongue is out, but I'm pretty sure the gummi bear is already on the floor.Come to think of it, I'm pretty confident that none of these pictures resulted in a basket. A for effort guys. (Dan's face in the background is my favorite!)

A week later a crew of us went to Pink's - the famous LA hot dog place - not sure I can call it a restaurant. It's not JDawgs but you can get your dog smothered in just about anything. Plus after the 45 minute drive there and 90 minutes waiting in line... just about anything would taste good. The monstrosity pictured below is a burger with 2 patties, a polish dog, mounds of bacon, chili and who knows what else. Props to Chris - he finished it.

This year we decided to have a Super Bowl party at our place. So much fun. It helped that the Steelers won. I don't think I've ever been so into a game.

I made Football Cookies!!! I was so excited to make these. I didn't have a cookie cutter so they're kind of hand molded and rugby looking, but they tasted good and I felt very "host-like" making cute treats. Baby steps.
Morgan - being a much more skilled dessert chef than I, made this DELICIOUS apple pie (complete with bird.)

Super Bowl game, Super Bowl Food, and of course, Super Bowl commercials. Chiat\Day actually had 6 minutes of commercial airtime which is always fun to see our work. Here's part of the group watching the 3-D commercial right after the first half. Functional AND good-looking. Anybody want a pair of 3-D glasses?