Friday, October 30, 2009


Typically on my way home from work, I slip into autopilot and either chat my way home (thanks Kate, E, Mom & Dad) or I sing my little heart out to make the drive pass by as quickly as possible. A couple times lately I've tried to get off the phone, turn off the radio, and see where my thoughts take me.

Random Thought #1: Where did Scabhead go?

Scabhead is a homeless man that used to walk the streets surrounding our apartment. He's bald on top with some hair around the sides and affectionately named for the ginormous scab on his head/forehead that never seemed to heal and was always in some state of bleeding. It looked kind of like this... but it's much bigger and he's not a baby.

I guess if you saw him on a dark night or in the back alley (both of which have happened to me) he's actually pretty scary, the perfect Halloween accessory. Even still, Brian and I were constantly on the look out and swapping happy texts about Scabhead sightings. As my random thoughts turn to him, I can't help but wonder where he's been. Did the scab finally heal and we just don't recognize him anymore? Did he move to New York to visit the Naked Cowboy? Or has he just found another block to explore? So this blog's for you, Scabhead, wherever you are, thanking you for the happiness and hoping you're well.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Go Air Force Beat the Cowboys!

In the past, Ali and I have divided blog responsibilities. I take the pictures and she writes the blogs (shhh….please don't tell her I got off easy). For this post though, I wanted to write a quick little something about the weekend I spent in Colorado.

For my dad's 60th birthday this year (it is now public information pops) all the boys pitched in and surprised him with season tickets to the Air Force Academy football games. When I was younger, my dad always had season tickets to these games and they provided so many great memories (I remember less of the football games but more of the pre-game flyovers, parachute jumpers and the post-game aluminum can collecting). This past weekend I flew back to Colorado and relived some of my childhood memories and went to an Air Force Academy football game with my dad. We even brought and sat on the same denim blanket we sat on 15 years ago. Air Force beat Wyoming 10-0 in a defensive battle. The flyovers and parachute jumpers were just as awesome as I remember. It was just like the old days, but this time I spared my dad from hauling home a giant garbage bag full of aluminum cans. I'm a proponent of recycling, but the stadium doesn't allow cans anymore. Thanks dad for all the memories and for such a fun weekend.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mr. Incredible

Brian tackled the MS 150 mile Bay-to-Bay Bike Ride this weekend which to me makes him Mr. Incredible. Biking from Irvine to Carlsbad and then a loop inland for a total 100 miles the first day and then the remaining 50 miles from Carlsbad down to Mission Bay on day 2. It was amazing how many people were involved in the event and how many of them have someone very close to them who is or was suffering from MS.

It is also amazing that Brian is still walking.

Did I mention we woke up at 4:30am to get to the starting line in time. While I decided to attend, other girlfriends and wives of the riders decided they could support their men just as well from home. I'm just saying.
My involvement was limited to one heck of a massage, picture taking, and thanks to Brian's good suggestion, I volunteered and got to hand out snacks to all the bikers at the halfway point.Rest Stop #5 at Mile 52
Halfway there and still all smiles.Day one ended with a pile of mystery meat & a diet DP. And some BBQ sauce riiiight there. Despite my best efforts, Brian was too fast and I didn't even get to see him come across the finish line on day 2. I was frantically parking and running over there when he actually crossed so on our way out, he ducked under the rope and re-finished for me. What you see below are FAKE finish pictures taken over an hour after the race. You'd never know the difference right?
For all of those people who were disappointed that this post wasn't a picture of Brian in a Mr Incredible outfit... this one's for you.