Friday, January 7, 2011


The boys and I are growing up together right now. One day, one week, one month at a time.
I feel lucky, and so blessed, to be the mother to these sweet, sweet boys. Mid-December, Brian and I ventured to Denver to be with his entire family for the holidays. The 4 of us, with 4 huge suitcases, 2 car seats, one tandem stroller and 2 slings, crammed ourselves into a minivan cab at 5am and somehow found our way to the airport. We were a sight and everyone wanted to get a look. The boys were CHAMPS and slept the entire way. Two days after getting to Denver, I landed in the hospital with a breast abscess. THE WORST! They kept me there for 3 days and sent me home with the drain in ("the boob tube") that I had to keep in for 10 days. I felt stressed about being away from the boys but Brian and I kept talking about how this would just be a crazy, funny story really soon. Thanks to all for the thoughts and prayers during that time - our family was definitely blessed because of them.
Mama in the hospital, Brody (my sweet visitor) and the boob tube.

As crappy as it was to be in the hospital during our holiday time, I'm grateful that we were in Denver when it happened because we were surrounded by family to help us. The boys jumped to formula for 5 days, which gave everyone a chance to help feed them. Jenny has a way with Mason - what can I say.

The rest of the holiday season was perfect and more normal. Stories and pictures to come.
Here are some of my favorite Christmas pictures.
Is there anything more exciting than a Christmas morning with a tree full of presents???