Sunday, June 19, 2011


I know with absolute certainty that I physically and emotionally could not handle raising twins if it weren't for Brian. He is the most incredible father. In fact, I'm sure that's why Heavenly Father sent them to us. He's so fun, so patient, so loving, so involved. He is my rock and their hero. As soon as he's around it's like - Mom who? I hope as they get older they try to be like him in every way.

Happy Father's Day love.

Click on the link to get to the video:

Dear Brody & Mason,
You have the best dad in the world. Every day he comes home from work and he can't wait to come see you and make you laugh. You save all your best giggles for when he's around. He doesn't even mind if it's time to change diapers. Not even the really stinky ones. Is that love or what? Every day he calls to hear how our day is going and he always tells me how much he misses you. Every single day. He loves you so much and I know that you love him. Be good boys and you will always make him proud.
Love, Mom


Laurel said...

very cute video! And you are looking like one HOT mama! Glad you were welcomed with open arms in your new place.

L. Fisher said...
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Lara Fisher said...

What a cute video! I can't believe they are both just sitting up like it's no big deal! Too adorable for words. Miss you guys.

Caroline said...

this was so sweet! i'll bet brian just loved it. your boys are just so adorable and it looks like the two of you are absolutely doing wonderfully as the parents of twins. i can't believe we didn't get to see you in action before you moved to texas... but i'm so happy for you that you have a texas-sized house to raise those growing boys in! keep posting so we can live vicariously through you in our tiny L.A. apt. :) xoxo,caroline

The Neilson Family said...

That is a darling video! They are getting so big! Hows Texas?? Are you just loving your new home??

Katy said...

Such a cute, cute video Ali! The boys are so adorable with their smiles and giggles! Thanks for sharing! :)

Brian, Emily, Charlie, and Lucy said...

What a darling video!! How are they sitting up already!?! They totally own that skill:)
We miss you all!

Bridget Barnhill said...

It was so great to meet you last week with Brenda. I absolutely fell in love with Brody and Mason. You're an awesome mother, Ali. I loved the video. I smiled the whole time watching it. Thanks for letting me watch your boys grow up.